Coming soon: Freelance Hardass,

a new offering by C&E Design.


We are dedicated to providing our customers with a superior experience.

What’s coming?

What can you expect to discover upon our launch?

Introducing Freelance Hardass by C&E Designs, a comprehensive solution catering to long-standing client demands.

  • Professional Printing & Design Services — Offering a wide range of print design solutions, including business cards and self-published book covers.
  • Web & App Development — We offer web & app development services tailored to enhance your brand presence, promote your campaign, and cater to any additional requirements you may have.
  • Technology Consulting — Offering proficiency in Javascript, React, CSS, and Accessibility for your business or organization.
  • Music Licensing and Copyright Clearance Consulting — Offering consulting and licensing in the areas of Synchronization Licensing, Mechanical Licensing and Public Performing Licensing and other uses of copyrighted works. With 20+ years in copyright law we can make sure you are legally licensed for the use of all your web, printing and marketing products.
  • Business and Startup Consulting — personalized assistance provided by industry experts with extensive experience in guiding startups from the initial idea stage to successfully reaching an initial public offering (IPO).
  • Marketing and Sales Consulting — Providing expertise in the establishment or enhancement of your sales department. Our team is equipped to assist with your needs.
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